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The Tov guide to re-heating frozen bagels

Devon Malloy, Co-Founder of Tov Bagel

As we began our partnership with Peddler Delivery, we began scheming the best way to get you the fresh Tov Bagels you expect delivered directly to your front door, seven days a week. Our solution was a classic one that we’ve been using in our own home kitchens for our whole lives: freeze our bagels.

This came with a commitment to help you make sure your bagels taste just like they do when you buy them from one of our partner locations‒so here we are with the guide to help you perfectly reheat your frozen bagels.

How to reheat a frozen bagel

Keep your bagels frozen you’re ready to use them. To reheat a frozen bagel, take one (or all of them) out of the freezer and place directly into your toaster, just like you normally would. Voila! Fresh bagels on demand.

Now that you know our (not-so-secret) trick to re-heating the perfect frozen bagel, we hope you take some time to check out Peddler and order our bagels to your front door. Peddler delivers Tov Bagels, along with loads of other Michigan-based goodies, within 15 miles of Ferndale Daily and offers delivery throughout Michigan every day of the week.

This blog was originally posted on December 1, 2020